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Warning! You are looking at information about an event that already happened! See HireCamp San Francisco 2014.

HireCamp runs invite-only un-conferences about recruiting. We hosted our inauguaral event for in-house recruiters in January 2013 at USF Business School in San Francisco. We will be hosing our second event in New York City on May 9th, 2013.

What’s an un-conference?

More important is what unconference is not.  Here’s what you won’t see at a HireCamp event:

  • Microphones and tacky intro music for self-important speakers who blather on about themselves on stage.
  • People in cheesy polo shirts with logos trying to sell you stuff
  • Stadium-seating, sit-and-listen style “learning”
  • Boring Powerpoint
  • Tchotchkes
  • Bad, Stale Coffee

Why?  Because unconferences are about the participants

That’s right, our events are about YOU... here's what will happen at HireCamp... you'll:

  • Meet peers and share your professional experiences 
  • Have engaging discussions about relevant topics
  • Gather useful, actionable information you can take back to your job
  • Learn and have fun - at the same time!

Sounds great, right?

At HireCamp you don't just sit, listen and take notes. Everyone is asked to share and participate in a series of facilitated discussions.

You set your own agenda by voting with your feet. There are multiple sessions happening at once... just stroll into the session that's most relevant for you.

Wanna come?

HireCamp events are invite only as we have a limited number of spots! If you'd like to attend, please request an invitation »

Future Events?

Absolutely. We hope to run an event in 2013 specifically for hiring managers as well as more events for in-house recruiters in other cities. Want to attend or help organize a future event? Please contact us »


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